chamber works

2021| 5bravo

i. this is 5bravo

ii. mayday

for brass ensemble


for PLUG 2021 
Duration: 10


2020| We be scattered on the earth 

i. a city and a tower

ii. building the tower

iii. let us be scattered


for flute and mezzo-soprano


composed for Ruth Morley and Laura Bowler as part of PLUG 2021 
Duration: 10

2020| beyond the point 
for Large Ensemble 
Duration: approx. 9'


2019| if I could be who you wanted
for newspapers, live electronics, and large ensemble
Duration:  4'
Recorded at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland,  in August 2019

In collaboration with RCS 

2019| silk tails
for tape, trombone, and double bass 
Duration: approx. 6'


2016| resistance to chaos
i. the awakening
for large ensemble 
Duration: approx. 6'